Kevin Hamblett​​

DJ, Musician, Entertainer

Performing is in my blood. There is no better feeling than making someone having a bad day smile. Being an entertainer allows me to do just that. Playing music, acting silly, a smile and a cheer is all some of us need. Our band, The Freeze Pops, has been together for almost 20 years now. You can check out our full schedule at

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Kevin Hamblett

Just a quick message for my family.......

The Musician, The Husband, The Father, The Son.....

There really isn't anything better than family. It takes a special woman to stand by you when you are never home on the weekends. Getting up early for soccer games and basketball isn't easy either. This is just a special thank you section for my wife, kids, and the rest of my family. You letting me do what I love means the world to me. Thank you! xoxo"